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# Monday, July 19, 2010
Infor Partner Summit 2010

I attended the SyteLine partner summit in Atlanta for 3 days last week.  This new annual event, hosted by Denis Michalis (Senior VP over worldwide partner relationships at Infor) is held by Infor for the companies that sell the Infor ERP applications, SyteLine, Visual, XA and SXE (distribution) in North America.   Infor executives updated us on Infor’s future technology plans, marketing plans, high level product plans/strategies, competitor information, etc. and also listened to what we need to be more successful.   The highest level executives in Infor Sales, Marketing, and product development were there.   This annual meeting is the result of the meeting I organized in Vail in March 2009 for the owners of the SyteLine partners to unify our thoughts on what we needed Infor to do with the marketing and development of SyteLine. That meeting resulted in two meetings with Infor management where they listened, understood, and have been taking action to help improve SyteLine and improve the success of our businesses.    My summary observations are:


The economy has made business more challenging for many of the SyteLine partners, but business is staying somewhat regular in their customer bases and they are winning very regularly against the competition for new customers.  BTA seems to be doing at least as well as the other partners in winning against the competition and growing our revenue.


BTA received the Infor All Star Award, which was only given to two other dedicated SyteLine partners in the world (Copley, Godlan).  This is given by Mike Gadow, SVP, to the partners with the best sales performance and customer service, and consensus of Infor Regional VP’s as to who they feel has been the best partner for the year.


Infor has formed a partnership with Microsoft and will be increasing their use of Microsoft technology in the future and SyteLine will be significantly benefiting from this.  The Infor SOA will be all Microsoft (called ION), SharePoint will be used as a portal connecting all Infor products (called Companyon), their SaaS offering will use Microsoft Azure cloud technology (called Infor24), and they will be selling Microsoft CRM and integrating it into their key ERP systems.   SyteLine is their flagship product for all these new Microsoft technologies and will be the first ERP system to use them.


Infor presented their new go to market strategy:

  • Business Solutions that are simple to buy, easy to deploy, and convenient to manage.
  • Industry Solutions with industry experience built in.
  • Infor Applications available in the Cloud, using Infor24.
  • User Experience where your applications work as one.
  • Mobility access to information.
  • Community connections to your customers, partners, vendors employees through your ERP system.
  • Advanced, yet simple  Integration with Infor ION.
  • Technology on a unified stack based on Microsoft technologies.

There was a special meeting one night for just the owners of the SyteLine companies and Infor’s senior VP’s  including Greg Corgan (sales), Robert Humphrey (mktg), Mike Gadow (channel), John Flavin (operations).   They told us of their planned increased focus and investments in marketing, partner employee training, and SyteLine enhancements based on what we partners needed.  They expressed what huge percent of the SyteLine product is sold and implemented by the partners and how important it is to them to help us be more successful.  They listened to what we needed to be more successful and were extremely receptive.   It was a very positive meeting.    


Last year at this time, SyteLine’s competition was closing the gap and was starting to win deals against us.   Infor responded by increasing the developers assigned to SyteLine by tenfold and they have again turned it into the most advanced ERP system on the planet… and now with Microsoft helping them take it even further… the future looks very bright for BTA and SyteLine.


Steve Baker



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