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# Monday, January 31, 2011
SytePlan Selected for Infor Solution Partner Program

The Infor SyteLine Solution Partner Program was developed by Infor to certify the Infor preferred applications that integrate with SyteLine and expand SyteLine’s functionality. These applications are sometimes known as SyteLine Optional Applications or SyteLine Add-on Products, and are very different from “SyteLine Third Party Applications”.

When an application is selected by Infor it goes through a rigorous evaluation and approval process. Once approved, the distribution and support of the product is owned by Infor, meaning that the product must be purchased from Infor and Infor handles the billing of software maintenance and is the first line of support. Additionally, Infor consultants, channel partners, and salespeople are trained in the product and the product must meet certain technical, quality and compatibility requirements. Only then does the product go forward under the Infor brand. Solution Partner Products are the highest designation awarded by Infor (there are also Complimentary Partner Products and SyteLine integrated but non-certified products).

Many of you are familiar with SyteLine Forecasting, which was developed by BTA in 1998 and added to the Infor Solution Partner program ten years ago in 2001. Since then about 200 SyteLine customers around the world have added it to their SyteLine suite. In 2002 BTA developed SyteLEAN PullSystem. In 2010 BTA developed SytePlan Sales & Operations Planning, which was awarded Solution Partner Status in 2010.

We feel very honored that Infor has recognized the value and success of SyteLine Forecasting. Based on BTA’s twenty years of experience and technical expertise in SyteLine development Infor has now selected SytePlan to be Infor SyteLine ERP add-on products. If you are not familiar with BTA's main SyteLine products, here is a quick summary:

SyteLine Forecasting allows you to create a powerful workspace to manage and analyze your forecasts and inventory usage. Totally integrated to the SyteLine planning system, it automates the process of calculating and monitoring item Forecasts and “inventory drivers” like Safety Stock, and Order Size. Using historical data, bookings, and roll-up information from Customers and Sales, Forecasting allows you to statistically model your data and populate the SyteLine planning system with a single click.

SytePlan Sales & Operations Planning is a set of tools and a process that helps Sales, Production, Inventory, and Financial managers work together to maximize customer fill rates, optimize inventory, and maximize profits. SytePlan provides tools to develop an annual operating plan, balance demand and supply, manage customer and product line profitability and on-time performance.

SyteLEAN PullSystem is a simple and responsive inventory management system for items that are regularly purchased or manufactured. It is an electronic Kanban system that automatically “right sizes” the selected inventory items based on “average usage”, forecasted usage, and variability in usage. It is an automated demand-pull system that "pulls" replacement orders when inventory is consumed, rather than “pushing” orders the way MRP does.

SytePlan is the newest product in the BTA family and we are rapidly adding new functionality every month. We would really appreciate you taking a look at the product and letting us know what we can build into it that will help your company balance demand and supply and improve profitability. For more information on these products, visit

Steve Baker
President, BTA

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